Therapeutic Horsemanship
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From riding the horses to taking care of them, our clients build a broad scope of skills just by interacting with our herd.

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Therapeutic Riding

When riders with diverse physical, cognitive, sensory, learning, social, or emotional needs learn equestrian skills, they experience a freedom of motion and ability they don’t or can’t enjoy in other aspects of their lives. Our therapeutic riding instructors help develop these skills that carry over to everyday lives.

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Some of our clients are unable to be mounted on a horse. Therapeutic Carriage Driving is an equine-assisted therapy that promotes muscle strength and coordination, emotional well-being, social interaction, confidence and enjoyment.

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Bringing Equine Assisted Learning to Schools

Equest’s Equine Assisted Learning school program encourages students to gain firsthand experience through sensory immersion into the world of the horse. The focus is on general equine knowledge, horse behavior, communication, and social skills as learned from the herd.

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Equine Assisted Learning integrates equine-human interaction while providing opportunities to teach critical life skills such as trust, respect, honesty, and communication. During these sessions, clients are not mounted on a horse, but are building relationships with their horse through important ground-work.

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Dallas Police Department Youth Outreach Unit

Equest hosts the Dallas Police Department and their Youth Outreach Unit in conjunction with the Dallas Mounted Patrol. The Youth Outreach Unit is a youth crime prevention program that utilizes education to create trust and understanding between police officers and youth.

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