Literacy Program
Reading Quest with Equest

Our literacy program encourages first graders to read using 2 miniature horses from our Mini Ambassador Program.

The horses visit participating schools and each student is presented with an information book about horses. The minis then become the students’ pen pals, sending a letter each week for 4 weeks to encourage the students to work on their reading skills. The program culminates with a field trip to Equest where interactions with the horses promote enthusiasm towards reading skills, confidence among their peers, and a caring relationship with an animal.

About the Program

Targeted Literacy Skills May Include

Identifying nouns, verbs, and adjectives


Increasing vocabulary


Initial/final sounds

Field Trip

After the 4-week curriculum is completed in the classroom, the students will take a field trip to Equest! The 2-hour visit will include hands-on unmounted activities with the horses, and a craft project.

The visit culminates with the students demonstrating their reading skills by reading their book to the horses.


FREE (including student study materials, field trip supplies, and curriculum)

More Information

To learn more about our Literacy Program or schedule a Reading Quest for your students, please contact:

Kim Burris

EAL Coordinator
972.412.1099, ext. 220

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