Pegasus Giving Circle

As the story goes, wherever the mythical flying horse, Pegasus, touched the ground, springs of inspiration were unleashed.  Your support is like the hoof of Pegasus touching the ground to inspire hope, strength, and the joy of serving our clients at Equest.

Members of our Pegasus Giving Circle support specific needs related to our mission.  These 100% tax deductible gifts allow Equest to serve nearly 2000 people with diverse needs annually.

A horse and a pony are in a stable

Horse Sponsors

Help us to maintain a strong dependable herd to serve the various needs of our clients through Physical or Occupational Therapy, Therapeutic Horsemanship programs, or Equine Facilitated Counseling. For every need, a special kind of horse becomes the perfect partner for a client. Our master instructors are well-versed in choosing the best horses for our programs and creating a healthy environment for them to thrive as therapy partners.

Horse sponsorship levels can be paid annually, quarterly, or monthly:

  • Horse Sponsorship: $7500 – provides overall care for horses: feed, shots, farrier, shavings, transportation, veterinarian, and chiropractic care. These donors get a photo session with their horse.
  • Supplement Sponsorship: $600 – provides nutritional and dietary supplements that keep joints, coats, and hooves supported year-round.

Recognition includes:

  • Stall plates with donor’s name
  • Listing on our website Horse Page
  • Certificate of sponsorship with photo of sponsored horse
  • Social Media post
  • Special communications about the great work of sponsored horse
A couple of women standing next to a white horse

Friends of Equest Monthly Giving

A monthly gift is easy to set up and is 100% tax deductible.

Giving Levels Support:

  • $55 – Provides one therapeutic riding lesson a month for a client in need
  • $76 – Monthly gift supports a veteran with 8 counseling sessions over a year
  • $180 – Provides one Physical or Occupational Therapy session per month, especially helpful to parents with twins in the program which doubles their costs