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Meet Our Horses

At Equest, our most valuable asset is our therapy horses!  Not only are they the key to our therapy programs, they are our friends.

Each of our horses help our special riders achieve things that most of us take for granted (such as walking or feeling good about ourselves) every day. To contribute financially to these wonderful horses please see our adopt-a-horse information. All Equest horses are available for adoption. You may also contribute to the horses by donating to Equest. Visit our Horse Donation page for more information.

To learn more about horse adoptions, or becoming a member of the Equest Therapy Horse Fan Club, click here.

I am adopted by the Zenarosa family
final amigo - 8735Amigo is a registered Quarter Horse. His registered name is Amigos in Jags. He was born on April 22, 2001 and came to Equest in 2005. Amigo loves doing hippotherapy, English, Western, Trail and Showmanship! He is our all-around great guy. He goes in LOTS of classes because of his patient and quiet attitude, but in the pasture he is a wild man as he plays and runs.

Artie ResizedRL Zip Code Cody - also known around the barn as Artie - was born in 2003. He is a registered Quarter Horse gelding that loves to do English, Western, Showmanship, Trail, and a little bit of jumping. He has done a lot of showing in his day, and we are so excited that he is now a part of our team!

final babe - 9081Babe is a Haflinger cross pony who enjoys driving, sports riding and hippotherapy with our young riders. She was born in 1993. Babe came into the Equest family equipped with a big heart and an even bigger stomach! After enduring Equest’s intense boot camp, she is now in fighting shape.


I am adopted by Bill & Emmy Browning and the C. Browning Family
final bryn - 9254Bryn is a Welsh Cob pony, who came to Equest in 2011 all the way from Maine! He was born on July 24, 2000. His registered name is Thomaston Prince Charles. Bryn absolutely LOVES treats and jumping, but he could really do without all the Texas bugs pestering him. Bryn’s fashion sense has always been eclectic, and he wears fuzzy colorful ear plugs when he is being ridden.

I am adopted by the Seeger Family
final chance - 8719Chance is a liver chestnut registered Quarter Horse. His registered name is Good Terms A Blaze. He was born on March 16, 2001. Chance loves going slow and making funny faces. Chance came to us in 2011 from Laramie, WY.

I am adopted by the Pluss family
final cody - 9518Cody is a paint pony. He was born in 2000. Cody joined us in 2011 where he met his partner in crime who is one of Equest’s longest standing riders. Together, they both love to canter and jump.

I am adopted by Scott and Jen Sullivan
final crunchie - 9530Crunchie is a paint pony. His registered name is Captain Crunch. He was born in 1993. Crunchie arrived at Equest in 1999 and loves to do hippotherapy and sports riding. He enjoys galloping in the pasture with his friends. Crunchie has a heart of gold! 

Dip n' Dots
I am adopted in honor of Emma Grant.
final dip n dots

Dip n’ Dots is a 4 year old Appaloosa Bay Roan Pony of America. He was born in 2008. Dip n' Dots is a big lover and absolutely loves hugs! He is a sweet, gentle, and kind horse; a perfect combination for our riders. He is one of the smartest horses in the barn and learns very quickly!

I am adopted by Connie and Denny Carreker
final duster
Duster is an Arabian Welsh Cob cross pony that came all the way from Colorado! He was born on March 4, 2004. His registered name is Blue Mesa Duster. Duster loves to jump and is pint size so he is very good for our smaller riders!

I am adopted by Jocelyn White and Kim Seal
My supplements are provided by Finley Harbaughfinal fabio - 8931Fabio is a chocolate roan Rocky Mountain horse. He was born on June 6, 2003. His registered name is Blue Jewel. Fabio's coloring is very rare and sounds delicious! Fabio is special because he is gaited, making him a very smooth ride.

My supplements are provided by Carol Chamberlin
final hailey - 8758Haley is a sorrel Quarter Horse mare. She was born on April 10, 2000. Her registered name is Heaven Sent A Star. She was AQHA equestrians with disabilities horse of the year in 2011. Haley takes pleasure in going to horse shows with many of our accomplished show team riders.

I am adopted by Toyota of Rockwall
final hampton - 9614Fan Club Members: Natalie Snyder
Hampton is a Percheron/Thoroughbred gelding. He was born in 1998. He is one of the biggest horses in the barn! Hampton likes to play dress up and go off property to represent Equest at special events.

final henry - 9512Henry is a registered Quarter Horse gelding. He was born on March 22, 2006. His registered name is Zipvitation. Henry has been with Equest since he was 2. He loves to play out in the pasture. He is a very versatile young athlete who excels in English, Western, Showmanship, and Jumping! 

My supplements are provided by Carol Chamberlin
final jax - 8779Jax is a registered Quarter Horse gelding. He was born on February 19, 1999. His registered name is Glo's Black Jac. Jax came to Equest in November 2011, and has already proved to be a rising star; he is already in the program carrying a full load of classes! There is a rumor going around that Jax was trained to bow on command, but no impromptu performances have been witnessed thus far. 

I am adopted by Alpha Nu Sorority
final max - 9296  Max is a paint gelding who came to Equest in 2006. He was born on April 15, 1995. His registered name is Take It To The Bar. He loves doing sports riding and hippotherapy. In his previous life he was a dressage horse. There has been talk that he has music composed for him. 

I am adopted by Mary Clare Finney
My supplements are provided by Tami Ginn

final navarro - 8845Navarro is a Canadian Warmblood who came to Equest in 2008 after a successful career on the AA show circuit. He was born in 1993. In the time that he has been here, Navarro has earned the nickname “Cinderella,” because he always loses his shoe out in the pasture when it rains. He also loves bananas!  

I am adopted by Bay Yard Farm
My supplements are provided by Justine Berman
final nugget - 9605Nugget is a Quarter Horse Welsh pony cross who has been at Equest since 2007. He ws born in 1994. Nugget loves to jump and do cross country and only uses his one mystical power for good: his stomach predicts weather changes by getting upset right before it rains. Nugget’s favorite treat is a strawberry.

I am adopted in honour of Jim Shelton
final peterbilt - 9375Peterbilt is a Haflinger gelding who joined the Equest family in 2008. He was born in January of 2000. Peterbilt loves doing hippotherapy. He LOVES treats and will stretch his considerable lips out as far as possible to get to one. 

final poco - 9241Poco came to Equest in 2010. She is a registered Quarter Horse mare who lived her previous life out on a ranch working with cows. She was born on March 2, 1996. Her registered name is Jos Poco Personality. Poco is a big mover and has a lope that feels like you’re riding a ferris wheel! 

Rico Resized

Fan Club Members:  Charles and Molly Kitch
Reddy Jet Go, or Rico as he is known around Equest, is a registered Paint gelding. He was born in 2011. Rico has a really fun unique look, he has one blue eye and one brown eye! He loves to jog really slow, and to also receive lots of treats.

I am adopted by the Wells Fargo Foundation
final saunder - 8792Saunder is a Norwegian Fjord. He was born on May 3, 1999. His registered name is River Oaks Saunder. He not only does sports riding and hippotherapy, but he is also used for our carriage driving program. Saunder’s sweet face and fluffy forelock make him irresistible. Since his start in 2010, he has built a reputation of being a very easy-going and patient horse, perfect for the little ones!

Solomon Grazing"Diadi Due", aka Solomon - or Sully around the barn - is a registered Quarter Horse gelding, believe it or not! This tall, lanky guy is the perfect gentleman. He was born in 1995. Don't let him fool you, he would much rather use his long legs to go slow and steady than fast!

Stormy Running in Pen"The Storm of LexLin" aka Stormy came to us all the way from Tennessee! He is a Gypsy Vanner. He was born in 2010 at the LexLin Gypsy Ranch. Equest actually won Stormy in a drawing! The gypsy horses are a very interesting breed, they are family oriented horses that are bred for their calm caring nature and good work ethic.

Suzie 2
I am adopted in honor of Marisa Affeldt
final suzie 2 - 8746Suzy 2 is a registered Quarter Horse mare born in Alabama. She was born on April 2, 1993. Her registered name is JMK Sansue Zip. She loves to compete in English, Western, Trail, and Showmanship classes. Miss Suzy 2 is the dominant mare in her herd and makes sure to keep everyone in line!

I am adopted by Karen and David Shuttee
final tanka - 9460Tanka is an Indian paint pony who originally lived on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. He was born in 1991. His registered name is Sugmanitou Dakota. Something unique about Tanka are his blue and brown eyes and the mask he has to wear in the pasture so that he doesn’t eat too much grass and make himself sick! Don’t be fooled by his small size, his personality is larger than life.  

I am adopted by Wendy Donahue and Joe Luby
final zeus - 9180Zeus, “The Bulldog”, is a Norwegian Fjord born in Maine who has been at Equest since 2008. He was born on July 22, 2001. He loves carriage driving and playing in the pasture with his look-alike friend, Saunder.

The Minis
Dare is adopted by Suzy, Larry, Jennifer and Logan Jobe
Tex (left) and Sugar (right)
Tex and Sugar are our two miniature pony ambassadors who travel to nursing homes, hospitals, and other special events for Equest, such as the annual Gala. You can find these two in the fenced-in area in front of the administrative building. These two are attached at the hip! When one is gone, the other cries. Can you say true love? Tex is the hyper one of the two, while Sugar is calm and quiet. Put together, they are the perfect ambassador team!

Cisco Mini  Dare Mini
Cisco                                          Dare
PKS Lil May Cisco - or just Cisco - was born in 1998. He is a miniature horse gelding. Just like his pasture mates he is a paint. Dare, his partner in crime, was born in 2010. They look very similar! They love to drive carriages and are getting used to their new roommates Tex and Sugar!