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Hooves for Heroes News

Hooves for Heroes Fans Include:

CBS News    Rep. Sam Johnson
                                         CBS News at Equest                            Jeff Hensley, William Earhart, Susannah Denney, and
                                                                                                           U.S. Rep. Sam Johnson

IMG 0032-SenatorPeteSessio-2882059374-O
Congressman Pete Sessions with Jeff Hensley

Jeff Hensley Susannah Denney and Dr. Oz WEB     LTC Rosa and COL Isenhower       
Susannah Denney, Dr. Oz, and Jeff Hensley                       LTC Rosa, Susannah Denney, and COL Isenhower 

Jeff Hensley Colleen Ryan Robin Valettuto Ed Jones
Jeff Hensley, Colleen Ryan, Robin Valettuto, and Ed Jones