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"My life was changed in 3 seconds... I went from independent working woman and international able-bodied athlete to a disabled woman in a wheelchair with no freedom and total co-dependence on friends, family and sometimes even total strangers! Then came Equest, I connected spiritually with these huge, gentle horses and this helped my heart and soul heal. My courage, internal strength and self-confidence was boosted by my ability to get the horse to move and follow my commands. What a wonderful feeling to gain back some independence again. My mental flexibility and problem-solving skills have improved a lot due to the fact that I get to ride different horses all the time. When I ride, I feel like I have the use of my legs again... yet this time there are 4 working legs!"

Deb Lewin, Equest Rider

“I had met several Equest staff members a year before at a certification workshop and was so impressed! Their professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge, and kind natures confirmed in me the need to study with these folks. I made my decision the last day of the regional conference and my life has never been the same. Returning home, I hurried to make all of the needed preparations. So what would life be without a paycheck for six weeks? Livable. How do you place a value on such an experience? You don't... you just do it! Pulling into the driveway that day in August I knew that I was home. Weird but true! Just few months later, I really was home! The wealth of knowledge, Team Work, compassion, humor, dedication and professionalism, shows the world everyday what a special and important place Equest holds for all who come to learn, heal, and improve the quality of life for others.”

Jen Donahue, Therapeutic Riding Instructor, SIRE, Houston, Texas.